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I have known Dr. Tomona since January of 2010. When I was looking for orthodontic treatment for my son Jordan, he was 14. I've had a marvelous experience with the whole staff at the office of Dr. Tomona. As an orthodontist Dr. Tomona is the best, she is really responsible, really dedicated, very efficient, and excellent in the work that she does. As a person Dr. Tomona is very humane, considerate, down to earth, generous, and a friend to her patients. I have the opportunity to have started my orthodontic treatment and I am more than happy to have started it with Dr. Tomona. When my younger children will need treatment I will bring them to Dr. Tomona. I trust in the work that she does, and I feel at home with her and her staff. The opportunity to have met Dr. Tomona and her staff has been wonderful, that I would refer anybody that is looking for orthodontic treatment to Dr. Tomona. Thank you Dr. Tomona for all the effort, dedication and for making your patients feel happy and satisfied. Alexandra R.

​​Very warm welcoming athmosphere, courteous staff, Dr. Tomona takes time to explain procedures and outcomes to patients. Experience is very satisfactory.  Eleanor A.

I am a patient of Dr. Natalia Tomona, and the experience that I've had to this day have been one of the best. The office is always clean, the staff is always polite, and appointments are always on time. With the work that Dr. Tomona has done there is nothing I can say but "Thank you". Thank you for being the best at what you do. I have referred friends to Dr. Tomona including my son who is in orthodontic treatment with her. And if someone asks me for a good orthodontist, without a doubt I would recommend Dr. Tomona.  Veronica G.

I have been taking my son Victor for his orthodontic treatment with Dr. Tomona. Her professionalism and dedication really impressed me. Dr. Tomona shows a lot of interest in her patients, and that makes the service more personal. The office staff is very at a tentative and very helpful. I personally recommend Dr. Tomona for any type of orthodontic treatment.    Margarita S.   
Great service. Friendly staff. Would refer others. Love this office. Charatine H.

Dr. Tomona is wonderful! Her treatment suggestions were thoughtful and she offered us several options. The office staff is exceptional. They're reliable and always professional. John A.

 My oldest son came to Dr. Tomona in 2009. He had many dental issues and Dr. Tomona did an amazing job correcting his issues and he now has a beautiful smile. Not to mention he loved visiting her office and staff! We are now back with our youngest son and looking forward to the same great results.        Danielle P.

I had a great time. My experience was well thanks in due to the excellent staff. They will work with you when un​expected events happen that makes you unable to attend your appointments.
 Michael L.    
I am very satisfied with the care that Dr. Tomona gave my daughter Stephanie. The work was excellent, my daughter walks out of the office really happy with her appointment. Thanks to the whole staff for and excellent job. I always leave happy and satisfied.  Cristina C. ​

Dr. Tomona ("doctor daughter") has been a blessing to my son and I beyond words. ​​I constantly remind him that not many kids with our circumstances are fortunate to have this blessing. I wish I did when I was his age. Pastor G.

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